What is Fax to Email ?

Fax to Email is the smart way to receive faxes by directing faxes to your company or home Email inbox.

You are allocated a free 086-number and no Telkom lines, NO additional fax machines or software is required to receive faxes.

With Fax to Email you can receive simultaneous faxes, because your 086-number is never engaged and faxes won't get lost.

Your 086-number will cost you nothing. As with traditional faxing, the sender pays the cost of the fax.

Why do you need a Fax to Email service?

  • Your Fax2Mail number is FREE
  • You keep your number for life
  • You don't have to change your number when your business relocate
  • Give your business a National and more professional image with your free 086 Fax Number
  • Free up your existing Telkom fax lines and save on line rental and fax machine maintenance
  • Save on printing cost! You don’t have to print those unwanted faxes!
  • Simply improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your business and register a separate Fax2Mail number for each department in your business.
  • No more paper jams or having to call your customers asking them to re-fax that important document.
  • Your 086 Fax2Mail number is available 24/7
  • Now you can receive your faxes wherever you have access to your email